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Working With a Broken Compass

Have you ever used a compass, whether the kind to draw circles or the kind to navigate land or sea? What if those circles or those charted directions came from a broken compass? Vincent van Gogh once wrote, “Conscience is a man’s compass.” Now imagine if we as Christians used a flawed, bent, or broken compass to navigate through life? Join us Saturday, February 4th at 11:30 am as guest Pastor Vincent Dehm leads us in the discover of how to work with a broken compass.

Pomegranates & Bells

Ever wonder why the woman with the issue of blood reached for the hem of Jesus’ garment? Or did you know that before the high priests entered into the presence of GOD that they had to alternate pomegranates and bells around the hem of their robes? Join us as guest Pastor David Zaid shows us why pomegranates and bells are essential for 2017.

Desert Places

The desert is a place known for its isolation and desolation. As writer Nadine Gordimer put it: “a place without expectation.” Did you know that in life it is also a place that GOD allows His children to enter into? Join us Saturday, January 21st at 11:30 am to find out why.

Growing Pains

Did you know that undesirable moments sometimes create the best stories? While you may not see beyond what your eyes can show, you should know that GOD takes all things and works them for your good. Join us Saturday, January 14th at 11:30 am as guest Pastor Rahshan Wall leads us in the discover of how the best is yet to come!

It’s Time to Shout

Have you ever been to a game where no one cheered for their team? I mean nothing — just silence the whole game. Is that even humanly possible? After all, shouts of praise are expected, right? Did you know that there are also times when shouts of praise are appropriate for the Lord? Join us Saturday, November 26th at 11:30 am at the East Palo Alto Worship Center as Pastor Hudgens leads us in the discover of why “It’s Time to Shout!” now for the Lord.

Access to Christian Higher Education

Led by expert educators at Pacific Union College, and with children of their own in both college and graduate school, this seminar promises to provide invaluable guidance on attaining a Christian college education.

The Problem with Storms

Are you worried about the trouble around you? “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.” What may seem to you a hopeless situation only seems to GOD an opportunity to provide a way out. Join us Saturday, October 29th at 11:30 am as Dr. Norman Knight explains the problem with storms.

Breaking the Cycle

Science tells us that a deep sense of love and belonging is an irreducible need we all have to function as we were meant. Yet even when we have all those things, we still fall apart, ache, get sick and hurt others. Could it be that we are missing something? Join us Saturday, October 22nd at 11:30 am to find out.

By Choice in Concert

It has been 20 years since “By Choice” sung sweet harmony, in concert, in the Bay Area. But next month, this gospel a cappella group returns once more to treat its listeners to the classic songs not often heard, like “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and “Woman at the Well.” Join us for this down-memory-lane, free concert in support of “Family Life” for the entire community of East Palo Alto, California.

Distracted Disciple

Be honest. Is it easy to make your head turn? While on a project at school or at work, does the excitement of drama around you compel you to always want to know? How about, do the murmurings of others cause you to loose your concentration? In this Christian journey, if only we would remember that GOD needs us all to just stay focused. The mission is almost complete. Join us Saturday, September 3rd at 11:30 am at the East Palo Alto Worship Center as Elder Terrance Clark leads us in the discover of how we can avoid becoming a distracted disciple.