Halloween: More than a harmless holiday for kids


Is it really just a harmless holiday for kids?  Or is the harmless holiday for kids really a facade for wicked activities done in secret?

Join us Saturday, October 25th @ 6pm at East Palo Alto SDA Church as we answer these questions and more in an awareness-heightening presentation and Q&A session aimed at exposing the truth behind this globally celebrated holiday.  Highlighted will be the book “A Trip Into The Supernatural” written by the late Roger Morneau [RogerMorneau.com], famed Adventist author of another popular book “Incredible Answers To Prayer”.  In person, our special guest will be the inspirational couple Cyril & Cynthia Grosse who gave Bible studies to the former satanist which eventually led to his conversion to Christianity.

Come and discover the truth behind October 31st — to its creator and his followers, the most sacred day of the year — all taken from the perspective of a former insider once considered a “chosen one” by Satan himself.

This is an event you cannot afford to miss!


Halloween | More Than A Harmless Holiday For Kids FLYER copy


  1. Looking forward to this event! Found the book “A trip into the Supernatural” on Amazon.com for about $15.00. I’m excited to finally have an opportunity to get someone questions answered!

  2. Should be exciting and packed with information! I’m anticipating deep insights into the controversy between light and darkness.

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