An African American Inventor

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The next time you sit down to watch a movie on your Blu-ray player with the remote in your hand, you can thank Dr. Joseph Jackson for the convenience that his idea still provides today. An admired inventor of one of the most practical and treasured inventions of the 20th Century — the programmable remote — he will be telling his story at the East Palo Alto Worship Center!

Additionally, he will be presenting some of his new endeavors and taking questions about how to take an idea from your mind and move it to the store shelves. This is a rare opportunity you cannot afford to miss! So please join us with a friend as we celebrate Black History Month with an African American that history books will surely declare contributed to America’s legacy of great inventions!

The following is just a little history about the man you will meet:

  • He was born to Ernest and Octavia Jackson in Louisiana
  • At age 17, he went to work as an oil field tool maintenance helper
  • At 18, he was accepted into the United States Army where he worked unloading ships and also as a Military Policeman before retiring after 20 years
  • In 1961, he received his high school GED
  • He went to television repair school at night
  • He owned and operated a radio and television service shop part-time
  • In 1975 he completed his degree in Business Administration from Columbia College in Columbia, MO
  • He also holds a Doctorate in Applied Science and Technology

Dr. Jackson’s early efforts led to the creation of the Programmable Television Controller — better known today as just the Remote. He would then build on that innovation to develop the TeleCommander — the first empowerment television accessory designed to give parents control over the viewing content and habits of children. Then in 1993, he founded Protelcon, Inc., a company solely created to market and distribute it. This invention in particular would serve as the precursor to the V-Chip — the technology of today used to block violent and objectionable programming potentially seen by children. In 1993, Dr. Jackson also co-founded the Black Invention Museum. Then In 1996, he founded Choice Technologies — a company created as a research & development entity aimed at demonstrating the viability and prototype development of intellectual properties.

Dr. Jackson is the holder to six issued U.S. Patents in telecommunications. He currently serves as a Patent Consultant to Fortune 500 companies and many other potential inventors throughout the country. And he dedicates much of his time to advising community youth and adults on their invention ideas while encouraging them to be diligent until they realize their dream.


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