Foot Washing: Faux Pas or Honorable Event?

It has never been a question of whether or not we should do it, because Jesus made it plain that we ought to — and then He reiterated it. But why do you suppose there is this faux pas mentality in some places you visit? While perhaps embarrassing the first time because of the humility that it takes, assuming a subservient posture to wash someone’s feet will not only strengthen your bond with GOD, it will actually satisfy your soul. Knowing that you have brought joy to the invisible GOD, I dare say compares to no other rite of passage. If Jesus, the one who stooped low to become one of us, could assume an even more subservient posture to wash the feet of His creation, surely we can do likewise to one another — and with joy and gladness.

Having said that, may communion linger no further so I get my opportunity to pay it forward while showing love for the “Personification of Love.” Amen.


  1. Christopher Dent

    God has made provisions for His children in the removal of sin. I am referring to the footwashing process. As believers we should look forward to tomorrow. Unfortunately, most believers opt out on participating in Holy Communion. I am glad Jesus went to Calvary to die for my sin and took my place on that old rugged Cross. One of my favorite songs says, I’ve been redeemed bought with a price… Thank God for His grace and mercy.

    My beloved friends,


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